Founders Message



Hearty Welcome,
to NRI – St. John’s Group of Colleges , Bangalore.


We recognize that choosing an institution is one of the most important decisions you make in your life. At NRI  – St. John’s we choose our students with as much care as you choose your institution. We are today living in a period of stress and strife, of competition and complexities. The adolescent of today is at a loss to decide for oneself the right course in one’s academic and developmental pursuits. We believe that our students must set their firm grip on to quality right through the years with us and furthermore stride on to a rewarding and exciting career in future.


NRI – St. John’s, strongly believes in providing with a distinctive and relevant combination of academic skills and technical experience. A combination that is designed to provide a foundation for a life-time of professional and personal development. Your first step has been in sharing our vision and choosing a course. Our systematic nurturing of your education ensures that your road to success has a headstrong advantage. We look forward to a relationship where the learning rises above than the mere imparting of academic knowledge to the integration of education, attitudes, values, morals and skills for the good of humanity. We wish you an enriching and a rewarding term during the course.


Late Smt.. V. Anuradha Rao
Founder Chairpeson